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Good & Vegan Friendly

Cool little neighborhood place - eclectic atmosphere, some great food. Not all items on the menu are vegan, but most can be made so, and this place is very accommodating to vegans. You will be hard-pressed to find a shepherd's pie as delicious as the one served frequently at Cricket's as a daily special -

waffle breakfast

and it's entirely vegan - mashed potatoes on top are made with soymilk. It takes a while to be prepared, but it's worth the wait. Good sandwiches, good salads, but even better soups. The black bean soup with rice is amazing and also vegan - same with the tomato, mushroom, barley soup. Try the home made vegan sorbetto for dessert, offered in several different flavors each day. Vegan cookies are also available at the counter, and the staff tells me that on some days, vegan cake is also, though I have yet to see it. The coffee here is great, too. On good weather days, the outdoor patio is a nice place eat lunch, and they have dog bowls for canine companions, too!

Great Brunch for a lazy Sunday: Consistantly good - I only end up there on the weekends but they have never disappointed. I wouldn't call it health food, but compared to Texas' usual food fare, it is not the worst thing you could put in your body. I am partial to the vegetarian breakfast croissant-wich. They cater more towards vegetarians but they do vegan options on request. They serve breakfast/lunch, gelato & a full coffee/tea/hot beverage bar. The atmosphere is laid back; very funky & ecclectic - not unlike the neighbourhood. Want some quiet? Go to the "adults" room in the back - no kids allowed so it keeps the volume down.
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The Heights
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