IPL 2022: Know The Reason Because Of Which KL Rahul Can Get Banned For One Match


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On April 24, KL Rahul who is leading the Lucknow SuperGiants. His Sunday was going happily until it turned a bit unhappy for him as he faces some allegations i.e. he was found guilty of breaking the Indian Premier Leagues Code of Conduct. Rahul received another major allegation this season. He came across another over-rated offense apart from one other fine as well in the 2022 league.

Repercussions Of Offense That Took Place:

Thus, this was Lucknow SuperGiants second overrated offense this league, Rahul needed to pay a penalty of Rs 24 lakh while the remaining players except for KL Rahul, i.e. playing eleven against Mumbai Indians required to pay ₹6 lakh or 25 percent of their match fee, whichever comes lower while calculation. Lucknow SuperGiants defeated five-time champions Mumbai Indians by 36 runs. Moreover, skipper and captain KL Rahul smashed his second century in the Indian Premier League.

A statement made by Indian Premier League officials states that the Lucknow SuperGiants have been accused and received a penalty. After that, they undergo a slow over-rate in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 match where the team had a face-off with Mumbai Indians on the grounds of Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai on April 24.

Further, the statement which officials posted states that this came as the second major over-rate offence which the team performed during the ongoing league. The team breached the code of conduct stated by the Indian Premier League’s  concerning the minimum over-rate offense. Currently, KL Rahul is the leading Lucknow SuperGiants as he is the captain for this league. He required to pay up the penalty of Rs 24 lakhs and the rest of the squad players who came in the counting of playing eleven need to pay up Rs 6 lakhs or 25 percent of their match fee, whichever comes lower while calculating.

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Indian Premier League Official Statement:

Apart from Lucknow SuperGiants, Currently, Rohit Sharma is leading the Mumbai Indians and has also needed to resolve the offense by paying the penalty of Rs 24 lakh, as he performed two over-rate offenses. If Lucknow SuperGiants go after this offense once again, captain Rahul needs to resolve the problem by the paying the penalty amount utterly i.e. Rs 30 lakh and he will get banned from one match under the rules and regulations stated by the official and the Indian Premier League.

The rules set by officials over minimum over rate requirements state that for the third and each consecutive offense in a league as Captain of the bowling team, the Captain will get charged as penalty for Rs. 30 lakh and he will not be able to participate in the match as a Team member in the upcoming League Match.

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