Marylebone Cricket Club Bans Use Of Saliva Over Ball Permanently


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On Tuesday, One of the changes made by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the club for good and all banned saliva usage on the tournament ball. The club also removed Mankading from unfair play to fair play recently. The club made changes in law for the league about to begin in March. These two changes were a hot topic in the cricket world. 

Usage of saliva or sweat over the ball fall under a traditional method followed by players. They use this traditional method over the shiny part of the ball. This helps them to produce more motion in the air as it proceeds towards batsmen. 

Post covid changes in Cricket Law by MCC:

As the pandemic went, the club decided to make some changes in the Law. Moreover, the no-saliva rule came into implementation now as the league began Post Covid. However, implementation of these changes in the league will come in form by October 1, this year. Usage of saliva over the tournament ball seems tantamount to ball moderation. 

However, the changes made by the club got welcomed with mixed reactions. Further, league ball producers emerge to get composed with the progress. 

Dilip Jajodia, Managing Director of British Cricket Balls Limited, that manufactures the Dukes Balls utilized in England and the West Indies. Director of Sanspareils Greenlands (SG), Paras Anand, the company that manufactures the tournament balls mainly comes into use in India. 

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Facts over MCC decision of making Amends:

Jajodia impersonated regarding what the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) made amends in the Law. As this implementation of permanent ban over saliva use on ball efface the grey area of the fielders engulf sweets or mints to condense their saliva. For instance, usage of saliva over the ball changes the nature of the ball. But, now usage of saliva over the ball will come under tampering of the ball i.e. unfair play by Umpire for the League. 

As for now (post-covid) if by chance a player applied saliva over the ball, go immediately for sanitization by the club. This is the reason now application of saliva over bowl will be considered as unfair play.

The council was discussing this ban from 2020 that is post covid, but the club implemented these changes this year onwards. Many players got confused that how implementation of this law can change or affect the game? Many players are thinking of other methods to replace this. 

Does this ban have any impact on players’ games? 

As stated by MCC research, they claim that this ban made no impact or a little impact over players’ game. But, the impact is not noticeable. However, Polishing the league ball with the sweat of the player is still permissible. As the rule of ‘no saliva’ is familiar to overseas players. 

To Conclude: 

This league cricket fans may see some changes in the law made by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). Let’s see if the changes will have an impact on the player’s game.

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