Movie Review of Kaun Pravin Tambe by Shreyas Talpade: Hotstar Biopic Release The Movie


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Movie Review: Kaun Pravin Tambe?: The lead role is performed by Shreyas Talpade. Shreyas Talpade as Pravin, who is the character he is playing in the movie, gives the finest performance. Hotstar presents an Untold story and startling biopic through their platform, in which Shreyas Talpade gives an earnest performance. While watching the movie, the audience will feel like reading a dozen editions of the Wisden almanac and feel all the emotions to the depth. 

With the visual modernist of a Britannia biscuit ad circa 1998 and the storytelling charisma of a Star Sports highlights package, Kaun Pravin Tambe? is yet another masterpiece created by them. However, this gives us a reminder that in spite of our love and liking for cricket and movies, evidently it appears to be difficult and time consuming to make a movie about cricket.

Looking at a startling performance delivered by Shreyas Talpade through his character is commendable, this is a largely by-the-numbers biopic that spends over two hours doing ‘tuk tuk’, repudiating the permission to Tambe’s flashy true story a chance at the crease. More or Less every sports film cliche—the scoffing boss, the doting love interest, the supportive sibling—is checked with dedication. 

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Know About The Movie: Kaun Pravin Tambe? 

Tambe rose to renown after he received the opportunity to become the oldest person to be selected for the Indian Premier League (IPL). Even without having any professional experience in the prior years. While it’s appreciable that someone chooses to create a film on a cricketing story that would generally have been restricted to the sports page, Kaun Pravin Tambe? is too untold story to bring in front of people. A top scroll spot on the Hotstar homepage will probably be as evasive as a page one broadcaster.

The biopics which are the worst ones, because of their own shortcomings, showcase their subjects to be equally mediocre. Naomi Watts performed a role of Princess Diana in a forgotten film, and Leonardo DiCaprio was taken in lead as J Edgar Hoover in a movie so bizarre that he likely thanks his stars that he was unrecognisable through most of it. Neither film infiltrated the minds of their protagonists in any meaningful manner, that is just a huge waste of everybody’s time.

Kabir Khan’s 83—to utilize a tired sports pronouncement—released the ball so fiercely that there became suspense and excitement among people. For better or worse, Kaun Pravin Tambe? is almost exactly like Kabir Khan’s 83 in tone—it feels untouched by human hands, as if it were generated by a bot who’d been fed a dozen editions of the Wisden almanac.

And so, after numerous purely comedic scenes that take us through the trials and tribulations of Pravin’s early life, we’re thrust headfirst into pivotal moments in which our protagonist character literally goes through.

Tanuj Kochar
Tanuj Kochar
I come from a background where playing Gully Cricket was our thing. I am a right-handed batsman. In school, I used to play for the house team. Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh are my all-time favorite players.

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