Outstanding Performer of Women Indian Team: Mamtha Kanojia


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Mamtha Kanojia became part of the One Day International cricket team. She came into the world on January 30, 1984. Currently, she is 38 years old. She goes for a Right-handed batting style and a Right-arm off-break bowling style. Mamtha Kishan Kanoji went through a roller coaster ride in the Cricket world. She entered the Cricket world at the age of 19 years. After she got dropped out of the team and made her come back after 10 years.

Mamtha Kanojia, Former Indian cricketer of Women team. However, she entered the Indian women’s team at a very early age though she got dropped off. But she made her strong comeback after 10 years i.e. at the age of 25 years. She got the opportunity of participating in Seven One Day International matches and four T20 matches for India. 

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Here, Know more about Veteran cricketer Mamtha Kanojia: 

Mamtha Kanojia was brought up in a joint family. She grew up among a bunch of brothers who tend to play cricket and thereby she picked the interest towards cricket naturally. Mamtha would play gully cricket with her brother while she was young and that’s how she started developing her interest in the game. Though, her father was not so pleased about playing cricket with boys. Moreover, her father noticed her keen interest in the game and was supportive regarding her passion. He enrolled her in a cricket coaching academy while she was in 6th standard. 

She started playing professionally at the age of 11 years. However, they shifted their home to a nearby coaching academy. She and her family would wake up at 3 am, as she had an early practice session. Mamtha was first trained professionally by Sampath Kumar. She would play all seven days. She received shoes as a gift from her coach Ganesh when she didn’t have one to wear for her match. 

The gameplay of Mamtha at Indian Railway Cricket matches:

Mamtha Kanojia shared in one of the interviews that she joined the Indian Railway just after she completed her 10th standard. She even mentioned that she received hostile behaviour from her seniors. She built a good bond with her seniors. Even, she learned a lot from her team. 

She was surprised when she received this opportunity. Mamtha did not expect that she would receive this chance as this best opportunity to be in a team to play against Indian Railways. The Indian Railways match appears to be the supreme domestic team in the women’s cricket world. 

Though firstly she got the opportunity to be an extra not part of 11 players. But on the day of the match, they gave her the opportunity to be part of 11 playing players. Hence, she played the match from the Indian side. She is the youngest player among all the team members. 

She made it through the match by bowling for 10 matches. According to the stats of that match, she took five wickets. In that match, she earned the Best Bowler award. She proclaimed that match changed her whole career. She was overwhelmed after the match. 

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Mamtha Kanojia played for Air India:

She entered with Air India due to Purnima. Mamtha claimed that playing for Air India was a matter of pride for her. She played for 5 years as part of Air India. Mamtha even shared that two girls came from every state together from every state present in India to set up the team. She played among the best of the players. As the final took three-days affair. However, she had a lack of interest in batting. She had a forte in bowling. She scored 52 runs in the match. After that, she invested a lot of time in improving her batting. She proclaimed that because of Purnima, she improved her batting style. 

Her Experience playing for Hyderabad: 

She played the match against Indian Railway. Though at the time she played for Hyderabad, the Indian Railway team consisted of these players: Nooshin al Khaadeer, Neetu David, Mithali Raj, Amita Sharma, and Hemlata Kala. Though, she felt at that moment that her team consisted of inexperienced players. However, they managed to convert their defeat to victory in the last over they played. She made a half-century in that respective match. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that after going through the match she received a beautiful bouquet from Diana Edulji

To Conclude:

Mamtha Kanojia entered the cricket world at a very young age. She formed a natural bond with the game at the age of 11 years. Mamtha Kanoji received numerous opportunities and she utilized them to the fullest. She never let down her coaches and never looked back till now. Mamtha grew stronger and stronger over years. Her willpower and focus helped her a lot during her career.  

There are many sports in the world. Some people likes football, and others likes cricket or basketball. But I love to play cricket because it is a game of gentalman. I am a left-handed batsman and a left-arm orthodox bowler. I played an inter-college tournaments. Also, I represented my college cricket team as vice captain. Ms. Dhoni is my idol, and the Chennai Super Kings are my all-time favourite franchise. 

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