Top 10 Longest Sixes In Cricket


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The sport of cricket has been around for ages. The excitement attached to it is unparalleled. Therefore, it is not unknown that this sport is exhilarating and a real treat to watch for everyone.

Among all these joys, there are certainly quite a few things that keep the fans on their toes; From nail-biting chases to flying wickets, this is a sport that has a next-level sentiment and emotion attached to it. Amongst these exciting attractions, there is one that certainly keeps the fans wanting more: SIXES! 

Yes, as soon as the ball goes flying into the air, the fans leave their seat and cheer for it, anticipating it to get out of the park.

It certainly gives everyone a rush. Moreover, this intensity increases even more as we see that white ball flying into the air, rising and disappearing out of sight. It is that rush that keeps the fans on their toes and increases the already sky-high intensity of the game.

This article will entail the longest sixes of all time.

Top 10 Longest Sixes In Cricket: The List

Sure, hitting a six is through a combination of Power, Technique, and Stance. But, as soon as you increase the power and do everything right, that provides you with the most lovely shot into the stands.

So here we are, counting down on the top 10 Longest Sixes in the history of International Cricket, where players play nothing less than supernatural shots and send the ball out of the stadium.

This list is through the available data on the internet taken from several websites available of the cricket world in 2022. But, we are open to additions, amendments, and corrections, if any.


Picture- DNA India

Starting off with number 10, we have Ijaz Ahmed of Pakistan, who had some great matches on the cricket field. One such moment was when he gathered all the attention with his 115 m shot.

It was during a match in 1999 in Mohali, against India. The entire game saw just two sixes, both of them scored by Ijaz Ahmed himself.


The West Indian national Chris Gayle holds the 9th position for the longest six in cricket. He hit a massive 116 m shot flying out of the ground in an ODI match against India. After that, we all have witnessed the might of the big guy in all forms of cricket.


The Pakistani captain is known for his aggressive batting style and is known worldwide as one of the only Pakistani national cricketers to have ever had their name amongst the fastest century scored. He reached this milestone by playing mere 37 balls.

He came in the 8th spot by hitting a massive 117 m six into the crowd in a match against Australia in 2005.


Picture- ZeeNews India

If we’re talking about the longest sixes in cricket, there is no way that our very own captain fantastic won’t make the list.

He smashed a big 118 m six during a match with New Zealand in 2009. The man did not even turn around to look at the ball. Now that’s class for you.


Picture- Sport Photo Gallery

Known for his elegant and exuberant batting style, the Australian Mark Waugh smashed the ball, sending it out of the ground with a vast distance of 120 m. This shot was played on the delivery of the ball by one of the most celebrated spin bowlers in cricket, Daniel Vettori, and left the fans in shock and awe with this thrilling shot.


Yuvraj Singh comes on the 5th spot of the list with a gigantic 125 m six against Australia, which startled the crowd during the Twenty-20 World Cup in 2007.

Known for his immensely aggressive batting style, Yuvi has every reason to be in the Top 5 of the list.


Picture- Youtube

Jacob Oram makes it to the 4rth spot with a whopping 130m hit against Australia during a One Day International in 2006.

This shot reaching the third story of the stadium was greeted by exclaiming commentators and the over-excited fans in the stadium.


Most of you would be surprised to see the 2nd fastest bowler in the world at one point to be in the Top 3 of this list of the Longest Sixes in Cricket.

With a crowd-moving shot of 135 m, Brett Lee sent the ball comfortably to the roof of the Gabba Ground during the 2005 Ashes.


Picture- Sky Sports

Well, he isn’t known as Boom Boom Afridi for nothing. He makes the list again in 2nd Place for his massive 158 m hit against West Indies in 2013. He was known as the King of Sixes at one point, and everyone thought that the shot could not be topped.


Picture- Sports Keeda

If you are turning in your seat with Afridi’s 158 m six, then we have someone who hit an even enormous one. Most people won’t know his name, Albert Trott.

He hit a massive 160 m shot right out of Lord’s Pavilion and shocked all the fans and nobles present in the stadium there.

He used to play for both the national teams of Australia and England as it was all possible during the 1900s.

There have been many players in the history of the game who have been known for hitting the longest sixes in cricket, and yet, here we are in the modern days seeing stronger players emerge with immense potential who can hit hard and true.

This list may be subject to changes as many other players have hit bigger sixes. So feel free to tell us about those players and update us on any new ones who come hard-hitting on the pitch and leave a happy memory in the minds of all the fans and fanatics of the game in the world.

There are many sports in the world. Some people likes football, and others likes cricket or basketball. But I love to play cricket because it is a game of gentalman. I am a left-handed batsman and a left-arm orthodox bowler. I played an inter-college tournaments. Also, I represented my college cricket team as vice captain. Ms. Dhoni is my idol, and the Chennai Super Kings are my all-time favourite franchise. 

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